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10 Dec

Latinos and Music seem to go together.

Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin are names that most people identify as Latino. And Carlos Santana is back. Better than ever. Or not.

Not all of Christina’s videos are appropriate. Here’s a good one. And she sounds great in her new movie Burlesque.

Marc Anthony, Almohada from his album Iconos,  

You can also hear it from his website

Ricky Martin’s Pégate:

and Santana new and old:

Shakira brings a whole world element to her singing. She’s from Barranquilla, Colombia of Spanish, Lebanese and Italian descent.

In english with She Wolf at the world cup: 

and in Spanish, from her new album, Sale el Sol:

To see a list of the Latin Grammy winners check out this site too.

Here’s a site in spanish: and in English:

But if you want just to hear music, the Spanish version is fine. And you can translate the page in to English.