Cinco de Mayo

11 May

I know. I am not Mexican. But having lived there till I was 5, I always say my soul is Mexican. And for whatever reason, this soul gets all ticked on Cinco de Mayo. Is it because so few of those people are Mexican? When I lived there, almost no one but the people from Puebla celebrated.

In Mexico, May 5 celebrates a victory over the French. It is not the Mexican Independence Day. That would be September 16.  I know it’s a way to celebrate a culture, or country — one that is really under fire right now. But do you really have to celebrate it by getting sloppy drunk, wearing a sombrero and sounding like Speedy Gonzalez?

This makes me wonder. Why do cultures celebrate themselves by drinking to excess. And why do people suddenly become “Mexican” when drinking margaritas and acting like fools. It’s what has made me hate St. Patrick’s Day.

On Saturday, walking home with my daughter we saw a girl on 14th Street, up on the 4th floor fire escape, with a serape and flashing the people across the street. Of course, she was spilling her drink on the people below, like it was Mardi Gras. I guess it didn’t help that it was also the Kentucky Derby. But this was early, and post time wasn’t even close.



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