How Tía Lola Came to (Visit) Stay by Julia Alvarez

13 Dec

No kid wants to feel different. And lately, Miguel is feeling very, very different. His family just moved to Vermont from New York. His parents are getting a divorce. No one at his school has a name like Miguel. No one speaks Spanish or even Spanglish. No one is brown like his family…at least not in the winter.

To top it all off, his mother’s Tía Lola is coming up from the Dominican Republic to visit and to help care for him and his sister, Juanita. Tía Lola, who raised his mother after her parents died, doesn’t speak any English. She practices Santería. She’s a force of nature. A tropical wind in the midst of a cold Vermont winter. A force of nature Miguel is trying to hide. Because his Tía Lola is certainly not going to help him fit in or make friends. He can’t wait for her visit to end. But will it?


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