Facts of Life by Gary Soto

8 Dec

In this book of short stories, Gary Soto tells about kids who have problems just like everyone else. Well, maybe not exactly, but similar or close enough. They get in trouble. They’re not happy. They’re poor. They get bad grades.

In Where Did I Go Wrong? Mickey Cortéz wonders if he’s really helping a man move his grandfather’s things. Or is it something more sinister instead? Lisa Torres, in Capturing the Moment, has a gift for drawing the temporary beauty that exists in her otherwise drab life. In Identity Theft, a new Ana Hernández moves into school and upsets the order of the other (original?) Ana. But then Ana moves. Letty Rodríguez is Seeing the Future one day at the park taking care of her grandmother’s dog. Miguel, her boyfriend, likes her. Or does he only like her birthday money? Laurita Malagán, in Citizen of the World, eats Chinese, yodels like the Swiss and lives in California, where one day, during a protest she happens upon,  she confronts the face of intolerance.


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