So Hard To Say by Alex Sanchez

5 Dec

When Frederick shows up at school, no one is more excited that María  Xiomara Iris Juárez HidalgoFortunately, she goes by a shorter name. Everyone calls her Xio (C-O). Frederick is much different from the rest of the Southern California kids at school. He’s from Eau Claire Wisconsin. He’s blond, with big blue eyes, and Xio definitely sees him as boyfriend material. He’s cute, he dresses nice, he’s neat. But Frederick is having trouble fitting in. Xio is becoming his best friend, but she wants more. And he’s not sure what he wants. He only knows that instead of daydreaming about Xio he’s thinking about Victor, the soccer guy. And Iggy, who has brown hair and deep dimples. Does this make him gay? Frederick isn’t sure, and it’s hard to say.


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