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13 Dec

Yeah, Latinos are still under represented in movies. But if the characters are not, often the actor and actress is. There are old movies, like West Side Story or actors and actresses like Ricardo Montalbán and Rita Hayworth. Now there are Latin American actors and actresses, as well as ones from Spain, Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, among many others.

Robert Rodriguez is a director, who is Mexican-American. He also writes and produces movies. He is famous for his Spy Kids Series. They’re great movies. Spy Kids IV comes out summer of 2011, starring Jessica Alba.

Tuck Everlasting has no Latino characters, but Alexis Bledel (Argentina/Mexico) plays Winnie the main character who has some tough choices to make after she meets Jesse Tuck.

Real Women Have Curves. America Ferrara plays Ana, who has a full scholarship to Columbia. Her mother is ashamed of Ana’s curviness and says so. Ana, who can give as good as she gets, when she and her sister join their mother at the sweatshop where she works.

If you want to check movies by their stars, go to, type in the name, like Vanessa Hudgens, or Antonio Banderas, and get a list of all the movies and TV shows they’ve done.

If worse comes to worst, you can always watch the Shrek movies with Puss ‘n Boots:


How Tía Lola Learned to Teach

13 Dec

Tía Lola has been embraced by Vermont. A place she is learning to love even though it’s cold and far from her home.

Nita and Miguel love her. Until Bridgeport Elementary School decides that they want her to teach Spanish. Miguel freaks out. It’s okay to have his Tía at home, but not at school.

Tía Lola continues to work her magic at school as she has everywhere else. She helps Nita and Miguel and their classes. Until Homeland Security writes — her visa is expiring. And everyone rallies around to keep Tía Lola right there in Vermont.

How Tía Lola Came to (Visit) Stay by Julia Alvarez

13 Dec

No kid wants to feel different. And lately, Miguel is feeling very, very different. His family just moved to Vermont from New York. His parents are getting a divorce. No one at his school has a name like Miguel. No one speaks Spanish or even Spanglish. No one is brown like his family…at least not in the winter.

To top it all off, his mother’s Tía Lola is coming up from the Dominican Republic to visit and to help care for him and his sister, Juanita. Tía Lola, who raised his mother after her parents died, doesn’t speak any English. She practices Santería. She’s a force of nature. A tropical wind in the midst of a cold Vermont winter. A force of nature Miguel is trying to hide. Because his Tía Lola is certainly not going to help him fit in or make friends. He can’t wait for her visit to end. But will it?

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

13 Dec

Leo Valdez is Jason’s best friend at their camp for kids with “issues” or is he? Because all of a sudden Jason can’t remember anything but his name. Leo thinks Jason’s playing a prank while they’re on a bus to the  Grand Canyon. But really Jason’s mind is Swiss Cheese.

Then things start going crazy. And Leo, Jason and Piper (Jason’s girl friend) are ferried away on a Pegasus to Camp Half Blood. What’s going on? Leo, an orphan, who goes from foster home to foster home, is a loner. Suddenly, he finds himself a demi-god. The son of Hephaestus and Esperanza Valdez. A real-life Handy Manny, who can summon fire.

The three friends find themselves on a quest to find the Lost Hero and Jason’s memory.


13 Dec

There are ton of latino athletes nowadays. Many Latino athletes have faced prejudice not just for their ethnicity, but also for their raced.

There were probably many Latinos before the hyphenization of America and before scouts regularly head South of the Border to recruit players.

Latino’s in baseball are legendary, starting from Ted Williams (his mom was Mexican) to Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez. But Ted Williams was not the first Latino Major League player. That would be Esteban Bellán, 1871, Troy Haymakers, In 1919, Adolfo “Dolf” Luque, 1919, relief pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, against the infamous “Black Sox.” (He later pitched for the New York Giants in the 1933 Series and was credited with the win in the final game.) The first Latino Hall of Fame Player (not counting Williams) would be Roberto Clemente. Today it would be hard to name a team that did not have at least one Latino born or player of  Latin descent.

Football’s first professional Latino player was Cuban, Ignacio Saturnino “Lou” Molinet, a halfback who played for Cornell and then in 1927 played for Frankford Yellowjackets. He was followed by Jesse Rodriguez, a fullback/punter, who played for Salem College and then in 1929, the Buffalo Bisons. Today some of the more famous players are Luis Catillo (San Diego Chargers), Robert Garza (Chicago Bears) and Mark Sanchez (NY Jets).  Chad Ochocinco doesn’t count. He was born Chad Javon Johnson and changed his name to the Spanish word for his jersey number, 85.

There are not as many Latino basketball players as there are track and field stars, tennis or boxers.  There are even Latino Hockey (Scott Gomez of the NJ Devils) and figure skaters (Rudy Galindo).


13 Dec

Latinos are also a bit under represented in television but gaining momentum. But we’ve come a long, long way from Speedy Gonzalez

Glee’s own Lea Michele (nee Lea Michel Sarfati), who is half Italian and half Spanish. Her character, Rachel Barry,  isn’t Latina but she is. And she’s awesome.

There’s Ugly Betty. Or make that was. Since the show was canceled in January 2010. But Ana Ortiz and America Ferrara are pushing for a movie version. Betty is a young woman from Queens who is long in good nature and short on fashion sense. She lands a job at a fashion magazine. It’s based on the Colombian Telenovela, Yo soy Betty, La Fea, which Salma Hayek brought to life in the US. Here’s a link to the original, but you really have to be fluent to get it.

Disney has give us The Wizards of Waverly Place. The family is a little nuts, half wizard, half Mexican. Both characteristics are a big part of the show. Clearly. For a change, some of the stars are actually Latino. Not like in the movie, West Side Story. Selena Gomez (Mexican & Irish) is the daughter and María Canals Barrera (Cuban) plays the mother.

Disney also has Camp Rock, about Mitchie Torres whose mother is a cook. Mitchie wants to attend Camp Rock, but her family cannot afford it. Until her mom agrees to cater there. This TV movie series stars Canals Barrera as the mother, Demi Lovato (Mexican, Irish and Italian) and also Anna Maria Francesca Enriquez Perez de Taglé (Filipino, Chinese, Irish and Italian) is Ella Pador, one of the richy, ditzy girls.


13 Dec

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